Customer Care: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My vehicle has Toyo tires as original equipment. Are they covered by a manufacturer's warranty?

A. Our original equipment tires are covered by a limited warranty, the complete details of which can be found on the warranty page. They do not include a treadwear warranty or road hazard coverage.

If you have a specific question regarding your tires and whether or not the limited warranty is applicable, please visit an authorized Toyo Tires dealer for a tire inspection.

Q. What is your warranty?

A. Every Toyo Tires comes with a limited warranty. For complete details please visit the warranty page.

In addition to the limited warranty, many of our tires also come with a treadwear warranty. See the individual product pages for details or call us at 800.422.8696.

Q. I want to change the size of the tires on my vehicle. Can you tell me what size will fit?

A. If you are interested in changing the tire size on your vehicle, please use our Tire Finder. Simply enter your vehicle information, then select OE replacement, +0, or another plus size from the Fitment Size drop down menu. Recommended tires and sizes will be shown. Don't forget to click Show Details and look at the replacement air pressure as this can change based on the new tire size.

If you do not see a tire recommended for a particular size fitment, we are unable to make a recommendation for you at that size.

NOTE: The recommended tire may or may not fit based on how your particular vehicle is currently configured. Be sure to consult your authorized Toyo Tires dealer for an evaluation.

You can read more about Plus Sizing in Tires 101.

Q. What is the right air pressure for my tires?

A. Maintaining the correct air pressure in your tires is extremely important. If you are still using the same size tires that came as original equipment on your vehicle, you will find the correct air pressure in your Vehicle Owner's Manual and on the Tire Information Placard, which is usually located in the door jam or on the glove box door.

If you have changed tire sizes, our Tire Finder may be able to help you determine the correct air pressure.

To use the Tire Finder, select the year, make, model, and original tire size of your vehicle. Next, select the fitment size (+1, +2, etc.) currently on your vehicle, and our recommended sizes will appear. If one of them is your size, click on Show Details to view the recommended replacement pressure. If you do not see the size currently on your vehicle, we are unable to make a recommendation for you.

You will find more important information on tire maintenance, including air pressure, in our Tires 101 section.

Q. How do I become a Toyo Tires dealer?

A. To learn more about selling Toyo Tires fill out our Become A Dealer form. A member of our sales team will contact you.

Q. How can I find the price of a tire?

A. For pricing information, please contact an authorized Toyo Tires dealer.