2014 DAKAR

The Dakar Rally is the most grueling race in the world. We’re bringing you first-hand reports; never-before-seen interviews, footage and photos with Robby Gordon, BJ Baldwin and Guerlain Chicherit.

5:15 PM

Mechanical Issues Sideline Robby Gordon At Dakar Rally

Robby Gordon's latest press release:
El Salvador, Chile (January 17, 2014) – Robby Gordon’s 10th attempt at Dakar Rally glory has come to an end in the sand dunes of Chile.
Despite earlier issues in the Rally with fuel vapor locking on the SPEED Energy/Toyo Tires HST Gordini, the issue that put Gordon and his team out of the 35th Dakar Rally was a compromised air filtra
12:30 PM

Latest: Robby Gordon Not Out

Robby's team have stated that there is not an engine problem with the car so they will not need to replace it and therefore be forced to withdraw. There was a fuelling problem and now Robby has consulted with the ASO and under the rules he can continue with the rally even though he had to leave the stage after starting. He may incur a time penalty but given he cannot race for a position this is irrelevant.

2:00 PM

Stage 10: Robby On His Own

Today's stage is another long one, almost 400 miles (631km), and Robby is the sole racer from Team Toyo.  BJ made the decision to not start this morning after a massive hole was discovered in the fuel cell end of day yesterday.  Of course it was a tough decision to not continue but also an easy one when he considered the risks and his family.  You can read more on his Instagram post.

2:15 PM

Stage 9: Calma - Inquique

The rally has reached the most northern point in Inquique, where competitiors got to see the ocean for the first time this year. In this stage the drivers got to drive thru the Atacama Dunes. These dunes featured a 30% difference in height from start to finish testing the drivers skills.