customer care: Warranty Information

Toyo Tires is proud to offer a comprehensive warranty and retreading policy for our commercial truck tires.  The following is a brief explanation. For complete details, download our Truck Tire Limited Warranty and Casing Policy

A full 66-month warranty on eligible claims
If a Toyo radial truck tire becomes unserviceable due to an adjustable condition, it will be replaced with the same tire, or at Toyo Tires’ option, with a comparable Toyo truck tire at no charge if tire is:
• Within the first 2/32nds inch of treadwear
• Used in the service it was designed
• Within 66 months from the date of manufacture
When tires have more than the first 2/32nd inch worn, adjustment credit will be based on a pro-rata replacement credit for the percentage of tread depth remaining, but no less than the casing allowance of up to $110.00.

Casing allowances covering two retreads on eligible claims
If any Toyo radial truck tire casing becomes unserviceable due to:
• An adjustable condition while in service for which it was designed
• Within 66 months from the date of manufacture, or two retreads (whichever comes first)

Retread rubber allowance of up to $50.00 for first retread
See our Truck Tire Limited Warranty and Casing Policy for complete details. 

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