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Premium Low-Profile All-Position Radial

Rugged design for demanding local delivery service, the M143 has superior casing integrity and excellent durability. Wide-belt design and solid outer rib ensure even wear and long treadlife. Low rolling-resistance improves fuel economy. Additional features include special compounding, heat resistance, and stone ejector grooves.

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Toyo Tires offers a comprehensive warranty and retreading policy on commercial tires. Click here to learn more.

Minimized Irregular Wear

  • Wide-belt construction and a solid stable outer rib contribute to long and even wear
  • New generation design promotes long tread life

Operating Efficiency and Versatility

  •  Five rib, zig-zag pattern with deep tread depth
  • DSOC IITM technology optimizes design for even wear and long life

Durability and Enhanced Retreadability

  • Four Steel Belt Construction (all 19.5 sizes) braces the tread area for improved mileage, resistance to irregular wear and reduced rolling resistance
  • Stone ejector grooves minimize stone retention to maintain casing integrity 
  • Advanced casing design and compounding for extended casing life and retreadability
Wheel Diameter Tire Size Load ID Load / Speed Product Code
17.5 215/75R17.5 G 126/124M 306100
19.5 225/70R19.5 F 125/123L 562150
19.5 225/70R19.5 G 128/126L 562140
19.5 245/70R19.5 H 136/134M 562100
19.5 265/70R19.5 G 140/138M 562110
19.5 285/70R19.5 H 145/143M 562120
Vehicle Position: Recommended for Steer but suitable for all positions.
Application: Long Haul, Over the Highway

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