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Premium Regional/All-Position Steer Radial

Built using Toyo Tires e-balance™ technology, the M154™ is a premium steer tire designed specifically for regional driving. Product features include a stiffer belt package, stiffer bead construction, and optimization through computer simulation technology. This results in better performance and improved fuel economy. It also provides exceptional value with a full 22/32ndtread depth (in most sizes),which addresses the demands of regional use and higher-scrub applications.

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Improved Wear Performance and Long Life

  • e-balance profile minimizes growth of the tread profile and maintains uniform and flatter tread radius for the entire life of the casing.
  • e-balance design provides even contact pressure distribution across the tread surface resulting in smooth wear and long life

Durability and Enhanced Retreadability

  • Special Cap and Base tread compound reduce heat at the belt edge and excessive heat build-up inside the tire structure.

Improved Performance

  • 5 rib - four groove tread design for improved performance on all road surfaces.
  • Deep sipes and multi-pitch grooves enhance wet traction
  • T-Mode tire simulation optimizes tire design for improved vehicle handling and reduced road noise.

Excellent Profile Retention

  • e-balance improves profile retention by reducing strain at the belt and ply turn-up edges
Wheel Diameter Tire Size Load ID Load / Speed Product Code
22.5 11R22.5 G 144/142L 548720
22.5 11R22.5 H 146/143L 548730
22.5 245/75R22.5 G 134/131L 548770
22.5 265/75R22.5 G 138/135L 548760
22.5 295/75R22.5 H 146/143L 548780
22.5 295/75R22.5 G 144/141L 548700
24.5 11R24.5 H 149/146L 548750
24.5 11R24.5 G 146/143L 548740
24.5 285/75R24.5 G 144/141L 548710
Vehicle Position: Recommended for Steer but suitable for all positions 
Application: Regional and High Scrub Over The Highway
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