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Premium Free-Rolling Axle Radial

The M157 is a premium, free-rolling axle radial designed for non-driven axle positions, including steer axle use. Features e-balance technology, which improves profile retention while reducing strain at the belt and ply turn-up edges. In addition, the deep Differential Groove™ (DG) helps protect the shoulder ribs from premature wear.

This tire is EPA Smartway verified

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Improved Wear Performance and Long Life

  • e-balance® profile applied High Stiffness Bead minimizes growth of the tread profile and maintains uniform and flatter tread radius for the entire life of the casing
  •  New belt package and 13/32” tread depth provides even contact pressure distribution across the tread surface resulting in smooth wear and long life
  •  Deep Differential Groove™ design

Fuel Efficiency

  • Premium low rolling resistance compounding in tread and sidewall reduces fuel consumption
  • SmartWay verified low rolling resistance

Durability and Enhanced Retreadability

  • Four steel belt Construction braces the tread area for improved mileage, resistance to irregular wear and reduced rolling resistance
  • Stone ejector grooves minimize stone retention to maintain casing integrity
Wheel Diameter Tire Size Load ID Load / Speed Product Code
22.5 11R22.5 G 144/142L 541420
22.5 295/75R22.5 G 144/141L 541400
24.5 11R24.5 G 146/143L 541430
24.5 285/75R24.5 G 144/141L 541410



Vehicle Position:   Recommended:  Trailer
                               Suitable:  Steer
Application:           Long haul, over the highway operations


The Toyo M157 replaces the following commerical tire products:

Goodyear G316 LHT Fuel Max        
Bridgestone R195F
Bridgestone R197
Firestone FT455+
Michelin XT-1
Michelin  XTA Energy             
Yokohama RY587

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