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Observe Open Country G-02 Plus

Studless Light Truck Winter Tire

When snow and ice blanket the road, this long-lasting, environmentally friendly winter tire is ideal for light trucks and SUVs. The special tread design and exclusive compound, including ground walnut shells for extra bite, help this studless tire to dig into snow and ice while reducing noise and improving ride comfort.

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Mountain Snowflake qualified for severe snow conditions.

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The Observe Open Country G-02 Plus is covered by Toyo Tires' limited warranty. See warranty page for complete details.

Performance Ratings*
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  • 1
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  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
4.0 Dry Handling
3.5 Wet Handling
4.0 Tread Life
4.0 Ride Comfort
3.5 Quiet Ride
3.5 Ice Traction
4.0 Snow Traction

Absorbent Carbonic Powder

  • Better contact and increased safety as carbonic powder created from bamboo absorbs moisture on the road.

Microbit Technology

  • Improves traction as ground walnut shells dig and bite into the snow and ice.

Saw Toothed Blocks

  • Improve traction as they cut through thin water layer on ice.

Larger, Deeper Wave-Style Siping

  • More biting edges for increased traction in the snow.

Larger, Deeper Wave-Style Siping

  • More biting edges for increased traction in the snow.

Square and Round Twin Shoulder Design

  • Increases traction in ice and snow
Wheel Diameter Tire Size Sidewall Load ID Product Code Load / Speed
15 225/70R15 BSW SL 179580 100Q
15 235/70R15 BSW SL 179590 103Q
15 235/75R15 BSW SL 179700 105Q
15 265/75R15 BSW SL 179710 112Q
15 31x10.5R15LT BSW C 179500 109Q
16 215/75R16 BSW SL 179720 103Q
16 235/60R16 BSW SL 179510 100Q
16 235/75R16 BSW SL 179740 108Q
16 245/70R16 BSW SL 179640 107Q
16 245/75R16 BSW SL 179750 111Q
16 265/70R16 BSW SL 179660 112Q
16 265/75R16 BSW SL 179760 116Q
16 275/70R16 BSW SL 179670 114Q
17 225/65R17 BSW SL 179540 102S
17 245/65R17 BSW SL 179560 107S
17 245/70R17 BSW SL 179680 110S
17 255/60R17 BSW SL 180020 106T
17 265/70R17 BSW SL 179690 115S
17 285/70R17 BSW SL 179890 117Q
18 235/50R18 BSW SL 179900 97H
18 235/55R18 BSW SL 179920 100H
18 235/65R18 BSW SL 179860 106S
18 255/55R18 BSW RD 179950 109H
18 265/60R18 BSW SL 179870 110S
19 245/55R19 BSW SL 180030 103T
19 255/50R19 BSW SL 179940 103H
19 255/55R19 BSW RD 179960 111H
19 275/55R19 BSW SL 180050 111T
19 285/45R19 BSW SL 180000 107H
20 255/55R20 BSW RD 179970 112H
20 275/40R20 BSW RD 179980 106H
20 315/35R20 BSW RD 180310 110H

XT = Xtreme, TD = Tuff Duty, BSW = Black Sidewall, OWL = Outline White Lettering.
Speed rating M = 81 mph, N = 87 mph, P = 93 mph, Q = 99 mph, R = 106 mph, S = 112 mph, T = 118 mph, H = 130 mph, V = 149 mph, W = 168 mph, Y = 186 mph, (Y) = 195 mph
LT tires with: “C” load range have a 6-ply rating, “D” have a 8-ply rating, “E” have a 10-ply rating.

All Toyo brand tires are subject to continuous development. Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. reserves the right to change construction, materials or specifications without notice or obligation. Contact your Toyo Tires dealer or Toyo Tires for current information.

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