Passenger Car & Light Truck

Studdable Passenger Winter Tire

When roads are wet, icy, and covered with snow, this tire plows right on through. The studdable tread and winter technology provide superior traction, stability, and quick stops in extreme conditions.

Observe G2S shown with winter studs. Pinned to accept TSMI #12 stud.

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Mountain Snowflake qualified for severe snow conditions.

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The Observe G2S is covered by Toyo Tires' limited warranty. See warranty page for complete details.

Performance Ratings*
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  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
2.5 Dry Handling
2.5 Wet Handling
3.5 Tread Life
2.5 Ride Comfort
2.5 Quiet Ride
5.0 Ice Traction
5.0 Snow Traction

Microbit Technology

  • Improves traction as ground walnut shells dig and bite into the snow and ice.

Wide Sword-Shaped Grooves

  • Evacuate water, snow, and slush for improved traction on wet surfaces.

Saw Toothed Blocks

  • Improve traction as they cut through thin water layer on ice

Twelve-Line Pin Distribution

  • Fits up to 110 winter studs for improved traction on polished ice and hard packed snow.

Spider Edge

  • Surround the pinholes to provide additional 360° grip on polished ice.
Wheel Diameter Tire Size Sidewall Load ID Product Code Load / Speed
15 185/65R15 BSW XL 135710 92T
15 195/60R15 BSW SL 135740 88T
15 195/65R15 BSW RD 135720 95T
15 205/65R15 BSW XL 135730 99T
16 205/55R16 BSW RD 135780 94T
16 205/60R16 BSW RD 135760 96T
16 215/60R16 BSW SL 135770 95T

Speed rating M = 81 mph, N = 87 mph, P = 93 mph, Q = 99 mph,  R = 106 mph,  S = 112 mph, T = 118 mph, H = 130 mph,  V = 149 mph, W = 168 mph and Y = 186 mph, (Y) = 195 mph

All Toyo brand tires are subject to continuous development. Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. reserves the right to change construction, materials or specifications without notice or obligation. Contact your Toyo Tires dealer or Toyo Tires for current information.

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