DOT Competition Tire

This DOT competition tire* is designed for dry tracks. With consistent lap times and predictable handling, it is ideal for NASA road racing, track days, and high-performance driving schools. The symmetric two-groove tread design and special tread compound provide a maximum contact patch and ultimate dry traction with superior cornering force.

The Proxes RR comes off the shelf in race-ready condition with a 4/32"-deep tread – no shaving required.

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*Warning: For racing purposes only. Not for highway use.

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The Proxes RR is covered by Toyo Tires' limited warranty. See warranty page for complete details.

Performance Ratings*
  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
4.5 Dry Handling
4.0 Tread Life
3.0 Ride Comfort
4.5 Braking

Racing Tread Compound

  • Designed for increased grip and improved lap times.

Reinforced Sidewall and High-Modulus Bead Filler

  • Provide excellent steering response and feedback.

Wear Inspection Holes

  • Strategically placed around the tire to provide easy tread depth measurement from any position.

Sidewall Marking Area

  • Allows for easy labeling on the sidewall.
Wheel Diameter Tire Size Sidewall Load ID Product Code Load / Speed
13 205/60R13 BSW SL 255150 86V
15 205/50ZR15 BSW SL 255000 -
15 225/45ZR15 BSW SL 255140 -
15 225/50ZR15 BSW SL 255080 -
16 245/45ZR16 BSW SL 255130 -
17 235/40ZR17 BSW SL 255120 -
17 255/40ZR17 BSW SL 255110 -
17 275/40ZR17 BSW SL 255100 -
18 P275/35ZR18 BSW LL 255070 87

Speed rating V = 149 mph, W = 168 mph and Y = 186 mph, (Y) = 195 mph.  

All Toyo brand tires are subject to continuous development. Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. reserves the right to change construction, materials or specifications without notice or obligation. Contact your Toyo Tires dealer or Toyo Tires for current information.

Race-prepared vehicles in NASA Spec classes: Spec Miata, Spec E30, Spec 944, American Iron, Honda Challenge.

Toyo Tires recommends the following general setup guidelines for the Proxes RR:

  • Operating Temperature: 160°F to 220°F
  • Hot Inflation Pressures: High 30s to Low 40s (psi)
  • Camber: -2.5° to -5.0°
  • Caster: As much positive as possible

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